GOTNI Leadership Centre Deepens Commitment to Leadership Development

The CEO of GOTNI Leadership Centre, Linus Okorie MFR, has echoed the organisation’s commitment to developing the leadership capacity of leaders in the public and private sector through the provision of high-impact leadership courses offered by the centre.

He stated this during his visit to the Director General, Voice of Nigeria (VON), Mallam Jibrin Ndace, to discuss a possible collaboration aimed at advancing the leadership competencies of the institution’s leaders and amplifying the good works of GOTNI Leadership Centre.

As Nigeria's official international broadcasting station, VON strives to reflect the nation's views and cultural nuances..

“Our goal as an institution is to  raise leaders who are transforming institutions and growing sustainable systems through comprehensive leadership capital development. We believe that by partnering with an esteemed institution like Voice of Nigeria, we will not only advance this commitment, but also key into a significant part of VON’s vision to project and promote the good Nigerian and African image” stated the CEO, GOTNI Leadership Centre.”
      ~ stated the CEO, GOTNI Leadership Centre

Linus Okorie emphasized the need for more collaborations by forward-thinking institutions that share a common vision.

Responding to the discussions, the Director Genral of VON asserted the sentiment of patriotism, calling on Nigerians to actively share and promote positive narratives about the nation. He expressed a genuine willingness to collaborate with GOTNI Leadership Centre, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in realizing the shared vision of advancing Nigeria.

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  • Akpogieye Simeon Adie January 20, 2024

    Leadership is the act of guiding a team

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