Advanced Leadership Programme


Physical: ₦2 Million
Virtual: ₦1 Million


Abuja: July 1st - 5th 2024
Lagos: June 17th - 21st 2024



The business world is rapidly becoming more competitive and dynamic, demanding the need for leaders to reassess their leadership capabilities to adapt and succeed. Leadership positions, more than ever before, require individuals who can strategize effectively, act decisively, drive performance, collaborate successfully, and creatively innovate.
The big question is why do we often see educated and skilled leaders fail in their leadership roles? Finding the right set of inputs that will ensure success is a challenge many leaders continue to face.

The GOTNI Advanced Leadership Development Programme will help experienced leaders and senior-level professionals distill solutions from global leaders that will help them optimize their personal and organizational productivity. It combines existing knowledge, case studies, and practical discussions that are based on current realities to empower the participant with contemporary leadership skills and values for accelerating sustainable organizational growth and profitability.

Learning objectives

At the end of this training, the participants should be able to:

Programme Modules

Modules Objectives:

  • Develop the capacity to turn challenges into opportunities that create economic and social value.
  • Successfully implement sustainable change within their systems.
  • Identify stressors and develop skills to manage them.
  • Increase workplace productivity and performance.
  • Establish a stress-free work environment.
  • Successfully align the interests of all stakeholders in the organization.
  • Identify corporate practices that leads to failure.
  • Implement corporate control systems within the organization.
  • Develop the capacity to lead with agility and
    resilience during change.
  • Strengthen the organization’s ability to deal with
    change successfully.
  • Develop change initiatives to support long-term
    organizational growth.
  • Foster a workplace culture of accountability, ownership and self-efficacy.
  • Demonstrate a mind shift from self-interest to collaboration for a common goal.
  • Inspire commitment, positive change and high team performance.
  • Use a variety of negotiation techniques to bargain more effectively and secure maximum value.
  • Realize better outcomes by developing an effective negotiation strategy.
  • Make more informed decisions.
  • Develop effective strategic initiatives for the organization.
  • Transform strategy into actionable organizational and operational plans.
  • Design processes and structures that support the organization’s strategic goals.
  • Successfully apply strategic planning and execution frameworks.
  • Identify indicators of and mitigate misalignment within organizational systems.
  • Design structures that enables information flow, adaptability and innovation.
  • Maximize the use of systems control to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.
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Rotating Faculty

Who to Attend

This program is particularly aimed at senior management executives in all sectors of development who hold key leadership positions and have a minimum of at least 10 years of professional experience.

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