About Us

The GOTNI Centre is a dynamic hub for leadership development in Africa.

Who we are

We are a leadership-centered organization with a focus on redefining Africa’s approach to leadership. With a widely experienced and globally reputed team of faculty and staff members, we deliver top-notch leadership programmes to Executives, Managers, Public Officers, Directors, Policy Makers, Business Owners, and aspiring leaders in every sector.

We offer excellent leadership training to all organizational personnel in public and private sectors, empowering them to become better team leaders and achieve their team’s corporate vision. 

Vision & Values

Our commitment to promote excellence in leadership is tangible in our teaching and learning methods, as well as in the results that emerge as a result of our cutting-edge training programme.

Having acquired years of leadership training experience with results that span across different organizations, GOTNI Centre is a hub for global business, social, and political leaders.

We believe in the transformational power of leadership, which is why every of our courses has been deliberately curated to address leadership concerns and to proffer dynamic solutions to the complex problems of leadership. Our programs equip participants with a unique approach to leadership, empowering them to explore creative approaches and models to leadership.

Your Future Starts Here.