Executive and Organizational Leadership


To lead implies that there are people to coordinate, a task to be executed and a responsibility to be accounted for. An exemplary trait of a leader lies in their adeptness at executing transformative strategies, propelling their team towards improved

Leading Against All Odds: Discovering Effective Measures For Managing Disruptive Changes As A Leader

The evidence of life is the change that exists. Growth is measured by the transformation that occurs as a result of action taken. Thus, there is a good alteration in condition but there is a contextual change that turns wine

LEADERSHIP – What Really Is It?

The first major challenge of any person, family, country, organization, or business is leadership. Without leadership, it is impossible for any entity to make reasonable advancement in the right direction. The realization of this fact brings us to the real

Dr Linus Okorie Listed As One Of 100 Most Influential People Of African Descent

Dr Linus Okorie, Africa’s foremost leadership coach, has once again been celebrated for his tremendous service to humanity in developing the leadership capacity of Nigerians and Africans, and this time by MIPAD.   At The Most Influential People of African

Skills for Effective Leadership

The key to effective leadership is a deliberate blend of core competencies. These competencies empower leaders to enable performance and achieve defined goals while managing the dynamics that come with leadership. This means whether you are leading a team of