Excellent Representation and Efficiency for Aides and Assistants


Physical: ₦500,000
Virtual: ₦100,000


GOTNI Leadership Centre
No.4, Mike Akhiigbe Way, Jabi, Abuja



The challenge of running an organization has become so enormous. Executive officers have to hire various levels of assistants to play certain roles they would have performed themselves, but for their tight schedules.

The functions these assistants perform normally produce decisions and results that impact the organization, so there is a need to deliberately improve the effectiveness of the assistants.

This programme is aimed at equipping participants with the executive and leadership skills needed to support their bosses and excel at their jobs.

Learning objectives

At the end of this training, the participants should be able to:


What You Will Learn:

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Rotating Faculty

Who to Attend

Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Confidential Secretaries, Technical Assistants, Special Assistants, Research Assistants, Legislative Aides etc.

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