African Leadership Conference

Houston, Texas, United States


One day

No. of Participants

150 Slots Available


7th August 2022


$ 97

Programme Overview

The African Leadership Conference (ALC) seeks to provide a platform to answer pertinent questions on the widespread crisis of leadership development and management that plague the African continent; engaging the Africans in diaspora as well as supporters of the African cause. The young people remain Africa’s greatest resource. They hold the key to the continent’s transformation. This transformation can only be achieved by investing in the youth through strategic programs of leadership training to transform their thinking, attitudes and mind-set.

Event Schedule

7th August 2022 Hilton Americas-Houston, 1600 Lamar St, Houston, TX 77010, United States

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Learning Objectives

  • To rekindle hope in Africans for Africa;
  • To provide leadership capital development opportunity to all participants;
  • To bridge the gap between Africans at home and those in the diaspora;
  • To expose Africans in the diaspora to the current leadership needs in Africa;
  • To create a platform for Africans in the diaspora to contribute to the development of their home countries through leadership education and mentorship across various sectors.
  • To inspire and groom a new generation of leaders for Africa;
  • Promote a new model of leadership for Africa through high level collaborations with GOTNI US and other pro-Africa organisations;
  • Take stock of achievements on cooperation of Africans in the diaspora.

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Let's rekindle hope in Africans for Africa.

To bridge the gap between Africans at home and those in the diaspora.

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