Kristin Cripps

Kristin Cripps is a member of faculty at the GOTNI Leadership Centre.

Hustle looks different on everyone. On Kristin Cripps, real estate broker, business owner, developer, investor, international speaker and #1 selling author, it looks especially fly. Maybe it’s because she makes hard work look easy. Or maybe it’s because part of her hustle is helping others find theirs. Whatever it is, Kristin has made a career out of defining “hustle” on her terms. Her insane work ethic is the foundation that helped her intelligence flourish into expertise, her expertise into credentials, and her credentials into undeniable success. Now, a self-made multimillionaire at 37, Kristin could have retired many times over and lived the rest of her life resting on her laurels. But that would be predictable. Boring. The antithesis of everything Kristin stands for.

What Kristin teaches her clients, her vast network, and the international audiences she speaks to, is that you don’t need a fancy degree or a trust fund to achieve financial freedom—and you certainly don’t have to rely on anyone else to get there. You can take control of your narrative and start living the life of your dreams by learning to invest your money and your mindset in smart ways, just as she did. Kristin bought her first house with her bartending earnings, and absolutely no knowledge of the real estate industry. By doing her own market research, making the right renovations, and having plain old good instincts, she was able to flip that property, make a profit, and start building her empire.

However, her true differentiator isn’t financial. Money is nothing but a vessel, holding all the possibilities of the life you want, but meaningless without the action required to make it happen. Kristin knows that what truly matters is your mindset. From a young age, she refused to be bogged down by self-limiting beliefs. She fearlessly and independently went after everything she wanted, knowing that as long as she put in the work, she would not only achieve the life of her dreams, but actually deserve it, too.

Yes, she’s a hustler. Yes, she is a badass, but she’ll be the first to tell you she’s not special. Anyone can build an empire, as long as you have a clear vision of the life you want to live and the drive to find and seize every opportunity to make it a reality. Let Kristin lead the way. She won’t just teach you to believe in yourself, she’ll empower you to invest in yourself.​