Cally Cussons, PhD.

Cally Cussons, PhD., is a member of faculty at the GOTNI Leadership Centre. Cally Cussons is a Cosmopolitan transformational business Coach and Mentor, a Top Performance Intelligence expert, and Wealth Attitude Modelling Professional. He is an alumnus of Maastricht School of Management (MSM) Netherlands; Katholieke Universiteit (K. U. Leuven) Belgium; Imo State University Owerri Nigeria and University of Port Harcourt Nigeria. His degrees and certifications criss-cross Management, Business, ICT and Philosophy. He does not conceive his PhD as his highest qualification.

For Dr. Cussons, his highest qualification is hinged on the strategies he learnt on his transition from a VODP (Very Ordinary Disabled Person) to a VVIP (Very Very Important Personality). These strategies have been distilled into Management Skills and Life Skills that can be learnt by any willing mind and can be applied in any circumstance and size of organization.

Cally has mentored hundreds of thousands of business executives and professionals, locally and internationally in his Top Performance Intelligence business coaching and mentoring programme, online and offline.

Dr. Cussons is a consultant to multinational organisations like Shell, Governments, International Development Agencies like UNIDO, MDAs, Private Companies, Groups and Individuals. He has designed and developed Business management programmes for Universities and Business schools. In March 2017, one of his his organizations, Sean Cussons Business School, was chosen by United Nations Industrial Development Organization to help them in training 166,000 entrepreneurs and create more than 40,000 direct jobs over the next 36months.

He has facilitated bespoke sessions on Business, strategy; creative intelligence; Psychology of Persuasion, Marketing and Influence; Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, critical thinking; business vision management; innovative marketing, human capital leadership and much more. His Tools for Entrepreneurship MasterClasses help existing entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups through Start-up and Innovate Courses, Finance Courses, Marketing Courses, Operations Courses and Communications Courses.

Dr. Cussons is an expert on how individuals and organisations can turn their ideas, through top performance intelligence, into billionaire’s results. An adept in making money without necessarily putting down cash, Dr. Cussons understands that execution is the real deal in today’s world hence his master toolbox techniques help governments, corporates and individuals turn their ideals into results in the shortest possible time.