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Effective Public Speaking


Two Days

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6th - 7th October 2022



Programme Overview

Everybody at one point or the other in their lives will have to stand on their feet and make a presentation that is convincing and believable. It is however impossible to become a great leader without becoming a great communicator as leaders are always required to make one form of presentation or the other to an audience. This for many people is usually a difficult challenge as the requisite skills needed to engage and captivate a large audience has not been learnt and developed.

Public speaking is not a thing for some neither is it a gift for a few; it is an essential skill that all should possess. The good news is that it is a skill that can be learnt.

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Event Schedule

21st – 22nd September 2022. GOTNI Leadership Centre, Jabi, Abuja.


Learning Objectives

  • Become aware of the importance of communication in personal and professional environments;

  • Plan and prepare speeches that inform, persuade or fulfill the needs of a special occasion;

  • Develop strategies for overcoming speech anxiety; and

  • Perfect the delivery of professional and personal speeches.

Why you need this programme

The big question is, “why do we often see educated and skilled leaders fail in their leadership roles?”

Finding the right set of inputs that will ensure success is a challenge many leaders continue to face. We address this & more in this programme.

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