Self Discovery Leadership Programme

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Three Days course

No. of Participants

30 Slots Available


15th - 17th August 2022


N 150,000

Let's Make Them Leaders

Action Oriented Learning

Programme Overview

Leadership starts at the point of self-discovery. Every child who has been able to discover self has greater chances of success in life.

The Self Discovery Leadership Program provides teenagers the opportunity to discover self, develop leadership capacities and expose them to life and career possibilities so that the right match with innate abilities is made.


Event Schedule

15th – 17th August 2022

GOTNI Leadership Centre, Jabi, Abuja.

Learning Objectives

  •  Discover self;
  • Develop the ability to lead self;
  • Become aware of their innate strengths and natural inclinations;
  • Become exposed to the different career opportunities available beyond the traditional ones;
  • Effectively communicate their thoughts and intentions;
  • Think critically to when faced with challenges and proffer solutions;
  • Develop the ability to work with teams to accomplish results;
  • Set goals and work towards their actualisation.
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Why your kids need this programme

Self actualization is preceded by self discovery, this programme will set their on a growth path that will keep them focused and hungry for self discovery and purpose in life.

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NGN 150,000