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&executive intelligence

£2000 / N1,720,000


Access to the upper echelon of leadership requires learning, a lot of it. This programme is designed to pull you to another level of leadership competence and executive intelligence.


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Attend the upcoming African Leadership Conference in London. The Conference plays host to some of the best and experienced minds in leadership across various cultural backgrounds and wells of experience.


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Global Leadership & Executive Intelligence Programme


Three days


14th - 16th October 2022


N1,720,000 /£2000

Research has shown that a major factor sets the most successful chief executive officers (CEO) apart from their contemporaries irrespective of uniformity of academic qualification and work experience. 

This factor has been overlooked for years in the selection and development of leaders but plays a major role in the effectiveness of any leader. That factor is executive intelligence.

This programme will develop in leaders the blend of critical aptitudes that will help to guide their decision-making process, behavioral path and executive effectiveness.


Event Schedule

Thistle Marble Arch (formerly AMBA) Bryanston St, London W1H 7EH, United Kingdom

Critically examine different facts and factors and take the best decisions within
different contexts;
Critical Thinking: The Foundation of Executive Intelligence
Executive intelligence
Mind Leadership and Wellbeing
Emotional Intelligence: The Propeller to Executive Intelligence
Decision Making for Organisational Effectiveness
Leading in the 21st Century
Leading and Managing Diversity

Learning Objectives

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
  • Utilise multiple perspectives to identify likely unintended consequences of various action plans;
  • Recognise the likely underlying agendas and motivations of individuals and groups involved in a situation to maximise their output;
  • Recognise their personal limitations and use this understanding to improve their thinking and plans for action;
  • Critically examine different facts and factors and take the best decisions within different contexts;
  • Lead and manage diversity;
  • Make important decisions that affect their health and those of their teams; and 
  • Enable leaders to take complete control of the success of their organisation.

African Leadership Programme


One day


13th October 2022



The African Leadership Conference seeks to provide a platform to answer pertinent questions on the widespread crisis of leadership development and management that plague the African continent; engaging the Africans in diaspora as well as supporters of the African cause.

The young people remain Africa’s greatest resource. They hold the key to the continent’s transformation. This transformation can only be achieved by investing in the youth through strategic programs of leadership training to transform their thinking, attitudes and mind-set.

Chelsea Old Town Hall,
Chelsea Manor Street.
London SW3 5EE

Why you need this programme

The big question is, “why do we often see educated and skilled leaders fail in their leadership roles?”

Finding the right set of inputs that will ensure success is a challenge many leaders continue to face. We address this & more in this programme.

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NGN / GBP 1,720,000 / 2000