Leadership Masterclass

From Nigeria to the world.


Three Days course

No. of Participants

30 Slots Available


28th - 30th July 2022



Programme Overview

The dynamic nature of today's business and social environment has made the need for strategic and effective leaders who proactively take the necessary steps to galvanise all the human and material resources at their disposal for the growth of their organization.
Many managers are not equipped with the leadership capacities needed to set goals, effectively communicate the vision, map out clear strategies on their actualization, inspire their teams to own the processes and accomplish tasks, and ultimately, bring in the required results for the organisation’s growth.
This Masterclass will equip participants with the essentials of effective leadership needed to lead high performing teams thus producing leaders who confidently steer their teams to achieve organizational goals.

Event Schedule

28th – 30th July 2022. GOTNI Leadership Centre, Jabi, Abuja.


Learning Objectives

  • Lead from a global eye view 
  • Develop the leadership capacities necessary to effectively lead teams
  • Demystify leadership
  • Move from positional leadership to influence and gaining willing followers
  • Navigate the pitfalls of leadership failure 
  • Develop other leaders.


Why you need this programme

The big question is, “why do we often see educated and skilled leaders fail in their leadership roles?”

Finding the right set of inputs that will ensure success is a challenge many leaders continue to face. We address this & more in this programme.

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NGN 500,000