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GOTNI Global Leadership Masterclass.

THEME: Facing the Future without Fear: Leading in Uncertain Times


300 People


June 29th & 30th


5 Professional

About Masterclass...

No organisation can grow beyond the leadership capital in place. A failure of systems is always invariably linked to a failure in leadership. Like John Maxwell says, “everything rises and falls on leadership.” Therefore, every forward thinking organization must place priority on the development of their leaders if they must remain relevant in today’s competitive clime.

The hallmark of great leadership is its ability to turn challenging times into opportunities. Challenges are a part of life. The world at the moment is currently undergoing a phase of uncertainty. It is only leaders who are equipped with the needed capacity that will be able to see through the challenges, chart a course for the future and inspire their teams to achieve their vision.

Keynote Speakers

Facing the Future without Fear: Leading in Uncertain Times

Developing Leadership Systems for Personal and Organisational Transformation

Mind Leadership: When the Leader is Paranoid, Who Takes the Lead?

Connecting the Dots: Building Sustainable Organisations

Sustaining Confidence and Happiness in Challenging Times

Bringing together the World's most forward thinking Leadership trainers

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Conference Tickets. Easy Access. Certificate

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Conference Tickets. Easy Access. Certificate

Who We Are?

The GOTNI Leadership Centre in recognition of the role effective leadership plays in shaping individuals, organisations and outcomes has put together a specially designed Global Leadership Training Programme to help leaders face the future equipped to create solutions
despite the challenges.

What We Do?

The GOTNI Leadership Centre is a leadership-centred organisation with a focus on redefining Africa’s approach to leadership. It is a novel Leadership and Capacity Development Organization set up to develop the capacities of leaders at different levels of their leadership journey. The Centre is a One Stop Shop for all leadership developmental needs across Nigeri and beyond Africa.

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