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The Emerging Leaders Conference 2020 has been strategically designed to initiate and propel the birth of dynamic and creative thinkers, who optimise risk, take advantage of opportunities, take personal responsibility and manage change in the midst of their dynamic environment. These individuals develop the leadership ability to self-generate, self-reflect, and self-correct irrespective of their roles, working within institutions as employees or as entrepreneurs. The emergence of more Entrepreneurial Leaders will contribute greatly to transforming the economies of Nigeria and ultimately Africa.

CONFERENCE THEME: Entrepreneurial Leadership for Sustainable Growth and Development

CONFERENCE OBJECTIVES                                                                                                

  • To offer young people the opportunity to listen to experienced speakers on the mechanics of leadership;
  • To increase the number of young people who develop entrepreneurial leadership capacities;
  • To increase the number of young people who identify opportunities and create value;
  • To develop a new crop of young people who develop innovative solutions to solve challenges;
  • To inspire young people to become enterprising individuals for economic prosperity;
  • To motivate young people to seek further leadership and personal development opportunities; and
  • To provide a platform for strategic opportunities for networking and collaborations among emerging young leaders in Nigeria.

LOCATION: NAF Conference Centre, Abuja, Nigeria

PRICE: Free for the first 300 persons to register

CONFERENCE DATE: 20th November 2021

TARGET GROUP: Young men and women (Ages 18 – 40)

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