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Effective Business Communication


Communication is at the heart of every business activity. No business can thrive without effective internal and external communication. Data has shown that communication when done effectively leads to better organisational processes, employee engagement, productivity, improved perception by customers and ultimately organization’s bottom line.

However, business communication is different from everyday communication. This programme will help participants develop the requisite communication skills needed to interact with people along different chains of command within the organization as well as external customers in the process of trying to achieve organisational goals.


At the end of the programme, participants be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the implications of effective communication to any organization;
  • Prepare written documents that convey information without ambiguity;
  • Prepare documents that will portray the organization in a positive light to its external stakeholders;
  • Utilize the different forms of communication to maximize outcomes;
  • Engage in win win negotiations for their organisations.



  • Professional emails etiquette
  • Memos
  • Report Writing
  • Formal letters
  • Grammar 101
  • Technical writing
  • Effective Meetings: Minutes of meeting, drafting Agendas
  • Proposal Writing
  • Making Presentations
  • Selling and Business Negotiations
  • Non Verbal Communication & Effective Outcomes


WHO TO ATTEND: Every member of an organization who has to communicate with internal and external customers.