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Customer Service and Public Relations Programme


Success in business cannot be assured even if the organization has the most beautiful structure and product.

The key secret to attracting and retaining customers is the level of customer experience – customer service that is experienced by a customer on his first contact or visit to your organisation. A dissatisfied customer does not only not go back to that organisation, he also spreads the word to other potential customers about his negative experience.

Implementing a Customer Service training for all employees who interface with customers is very important. This training will equip the employees with customer service skills which will help them ensure that every customer has a beautiful experience. This will lead to repeat business, a good reputation and profitability for the organisation.



At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

§  appreciate the importance of customer service excellence  in organizational growth and sustainability;

§  adopt a more professional disposition when engaging customers;

§  develop communication and interpersonal skills needed for effective customer relations;

§  develop skills needed to handle difficult  and dissatisfied customers;

§  develop effective telephone skills; and

§  skillfully sell to customers increasing patronage.

 COURSE CONTENT                           

·        Service Obsession: The Winning Secret.

·        Telephone skills          

·        Professionalism in the Workplace 

·        Selling skills

·        Attitude for service

·        Handling Complaints: Dealing with difficult customers

·        Interpersonal and communication skills


PROGRAMME DURATION: 3 Days                                      


Customer Service Officers, Frontline Officers and everyone who interfaces with customers in any capacity.