Call For Faciltators

GOTNI Leadership Centre is Nigeria’s foremost leadership development organization. We are currently seeking for experts in the following areas below:

▪ Leadership
▪ Communication (Business Communication, Strategic Communication, Technical Writing)
▪ Emotional Intelligence
▪ Time Management
▪ Delegation
▪ Public Speaking
▪ Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills
▪ Team work
▪ Customer Service
▪ Stress Management
▪ Conflict Management
▪ Decision Making
▪ Human Resource Management
▪ Creativity and Innovation
▪ Financial Management
▪ Branding
▪ Sales & Marketing
▪ Strategy and Execution
▪ Entrepreneurship
▪ Business Networking
▪ Change Management
▪ Organisational Culture
▪ Basic Computer Software Programmes
▪ Negotiation
▪ Monitoring and Evaluation
▪ Protocol and Etiquette
▪ Public Policy
▪ Psychology (Developmental, Learning Psychology)


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We are a Leadership-Centred Organisation with a focus on redefining Africa’s approach to leadership. With a widely experienced and globally reputed team of faculty members, we deliver top-notch Leadership and Management Programmes to Executives, Managers, Public Officers, Directors, Policy Makers, Business Owners, and aspiring leaders in every sector. We offer excellent leadership training to all organisational personnel in public and private sectors, empowering them to become better team leaders, challenge the conventional approach to leadership, achieve their team’s corporate vision. With years of leadership training experiences that span across different organisations, GOTNI Centre is established as a hub for global business, social, and political leaders. We believe in the transformational power of leadership, which is why every of our course has been deliberately curated to address leadership concerns, and to proffer dynamic solutions to the complex problems of leadership. At the GOTNI Leadership Centre, we are committed to developing leaders with global influence.