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Action Centre Leadership Program For Managers


The most challenging aspect of heading any organization or group is effectively managing people, assigning tasks and managing group work to achieve optimal success.

Action centre leadership is a leadership model that has as its core: balancing the task, the team and individual focus and it provides the blueprint for leadership and management of any team, group or organization.

Professor john Adair’s Acton-centred leadership programme seeks to address the three element of leadership for achieving peak success; these he identified as:

  • Achieving the Task
  • Managing the team
  • Developing the individual

According to Professor John Adair, the action-Centred Leadership theory adapts very well to the demands of modern day-to-day business management, taking cognize the aspect of performance necessary for success in individual situation while incorporating local relevant factors into the model to create tailored interpretation.

The programme will focus on examining exhaustively every aspect of the Acton centred Leadership model, fitting it to the specific organizational procedures of participants. The ultimate goal is the overall success of specific tasks as well as the organizational goal.


At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively manage the task, team and individual team members;
  • develop a management model peculiar to their specific organisation or team;
  • identify clearly their roles and functions as regards task, team and individual; and
  • become trainers themselves of mid-level and lower level managers.


  • Understanding Leadership
  • Approaches to Leadership
  • The Role of the Leader, the Helicopter View
  • Motivation: Satellite Theories
  • Leadership Styles



WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Everyone who leads a team